Back in NO: Sifting, sifting, sifting

RBRS: Leg 1 in review

RBRS: Leg 1 in review

The first official leg of the RBRS is completed, and I’m back in the familiar Faubourg Marigney coffice (coffee shop/office), considering life NOT on the move for just a little while.
The car is parked, and there’s some more moving to be done, and over the next week or so, […]

Raleigh NC (Part the Second) : Industry Night in the Triangle (the Sketch)

Even with a big kitchen, the crowd spilleth over.

Even with a big kitchen, the crowd spilleth over.

Head Count: 26

The Crowd: Doctors, lawyers, food fiends, brewers, book folk, reporters, well-fed tech folk, bakers, local chefs, line cooks, descendents of a famous Marquis, cutlery experts, best 8-year-old sous chef EVER.

Bean Batches: 3 (2/1 meaty to non)

The Stove:. Electric disks, plenty of room itn the […]

Raleigh NC: Night of the Fast Talkers (the Sketch)

Fast Talkers and a Baby Made of LEad

Fast Talkers and a Baby Made of LEad

Head Count: 10

The Crowd:.Techies, entrepreneurs, labor organizers, sales folk, active and former reporters, translators and the Heaviest Baby in the World.

Bean Batches: 2 (both meaty)

The Stove:. Electric disks, plenty of room in the kitchen

Quotes of the night (appropriately out of context):

“There was no stalking involved. […]

Monday Map Check: Leavin’ TN for Later…

The Ever-Changing Roadmap

The Ever-Changing Roadmap

Another Monday finds me shifting the Roadshow itinerary ever so slightly, since life on the road is all about flexibility.

I’m loading up the car today and headed from the beautiful mountains of Asheville back to sprawling Atlanta. The original plan (Maryville/Nashville/Atlanta) got tweaked a bit, but comfortably so. It’s been nearly 3 […]

Week’s End Update:: Headed West

A very confusing Carolina hot sauce at the Roast Grill, Raleigh

A very confusing Carolina hot sauce at the Roast Grill, Raleigh

It’s been a busy week in North Carolina — with plenty of cookin’ and visits with friends of MANY different eras. There’s been rhubarb Berliner Weisse beer, devilled eggs in LSU colors, and the scent of early summer gardenias wafting through the air. I’ve […]

Savannah GA: 3 Generations on Tybee (THe Sketch)


The Savannah Blanco Contingent

Head Count: 6 plus kids

The Crowd: extended family,

Bean Batches: 1 meaty

Quotes of the night (appropriately out of context):

“I’m the Ice Cream Pirate!” — Lawson Katz

Sister Lourdes: “Yes, I AM a nun, but I’m also Anne’s sister.”
Px: (confused pause) “So wait… You’re A sister and you’re also HER sister?”
SL: “Yes.”
Px: “sister […]

Monday Map Check: No mo VA


The New Map: Headed due West now

So it looks like, in keeping with the show’s free-form nature, that the itinerary is going to change a bit. Buddy and former New Orleanian Chad Lavin, the reason for schlepping to fair Blacksburg VA, is being held hostage by contractors in Rochester NY and won’t be in […]

Charleston SC: Fare Thee Well, Family Style

In the Kitchen: Charleston

In the Kitchen: Charleston

Head Count: 15

The Crowd:.plenty o’ kids, a LITERAL family circus, equine technicians, backgammon sharks, trilingual shorties, vegetarian yogi, adolescent black belts, South African soccor fans, world travelers and potluck veterans

Bean Batches: 2 (one meaty, one vegan)

The Stove:. Three-burner electric. No oven, no cornbread.

After a couple of days poking around Atlanta, […]

Welcome to the Road Show

If you’re showing up here today (Thursday, 6/11) , you got wind of the early launch via FaceBook or Twitter.

Annnnnnd velllkummmm to the show.

I’m a few parties in the hole (a perfect recovery day in Atlanta, Deutscheish goodbye in Charleston, a Tybee Island kick-turn), but there’s no time like the present for a launch. Look […]

Atlanta GA: The Perfect Kickoff (with Possum Talk)

Atlanta: the Kitchen Shot

The first stopver on the Southeast leg of the Red Beans Roadshow. A cast of dozens and a very offhanded Martha Stewart maneuver. Quite a sight to see, actually…