Monday Map Check: Leavin’ TN for Later…

The Ever-Changing Roadmap

The Ever-Changing Roadmap

Another Monday finds me shifting the Roadshow itinerary ever so slightly, since life on the road is all about flexibility.

I’m loading up the car today and headed from the beautiful mountains of Asheville back to sprawling Atlanta. The original plan (Maryville/Nashville/Atlanta) got tweaked a bit, but comfortably so. It’s been nearly 3 weeks on the road, and i’m looking forward to a little time in Louisiana before the next leg begins in mid-July.

The next leg, as it looks right now, will be Largely Midwestern (including stops in Hot Springs AR, Columbia MO, Memphis, Nashville, LVLL and points other). The wish list grows and changes. It’ll be fun.

But now, to pack. Next stop, Atlanta. Birmingham on deck…

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